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How to insert the free flash image gallery into Wordpress?

Q: I am creating a new site using Wordpress, I tried the "insert to page" and work fine on html page, but wondering how to insert Cu3ox gallery into Wordpress?

I am working on Windows 7, Firefox/IE, and currently using the free version to test before buying.

A: Cu3ox wasn't developed as Wordpress or any other CMS extension, BUT you can use it.

You should add Cu3ox gallery inside your website in the same way as you change html code on your website:
1. Create the gallery in Cu3ox application.
2. Publish it to html page (in any test folder of your computer).
3. Open index.html file from the saved folder in any text editor (Notepad for example)
or you can:
- open index.html page in any browser
- right click on the page
- select view source of the page.

You'll find 'engine' and 'data' folders in this saved folder also.
4. Copy code for the HEAD and BODY sections of Cu3ox.
5. In Wordpress go to "HTML" tab and paste it in the place where you want to have a 3D gallery, for example:

<!-- Start HEAD section id=1 -->
<script language="JavaScript" src="engine/swfobject.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- Start HEAD section -->

<!-- Start BODY section id=1 -->
<div id ="cu3ox" style="width:540px;height:364px;margin:0 auto;">
<!-- End BODY section -->

5. Copy the generated "data" and "engine" folders (with images and xml, css, js, swf files) into the same folder with your own webpage.
6. Preview your website in the browser.

That's all.

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  1. Rhonda1976 | September 4, 2012

    Nothing against the article, but I disagree with a couple of points to some extenct. I'm probably a minority though, lol. Thanks for sharing it on .

  2. radan stromer | September 8, 2012

    can you describe spesific about paste into html tab?
    how I find html tab in wordpress?

  3. Cu3ox Support | November 22, 2012

    radan stromer, Please see the screenshot: