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When I click on the free flash banner software hyperlink does not work at all (like if I never click).

Q: I have a GREAT problem with Cu3ox. When I use "target link", the result is wrong.
It's occurs with IE or Fox. I think the browser is not important.
Explanation :
- I've pictures and photos on my site. I want to have a target link to show these files.
- I've also URL of other sites, I want to go to these sites via a Target link.
I think Target Link is activated when I click on the cu3ox box:
* When the target link is an URL, it does not work at all (like if I never click).
* When the target link is a "local file" on my site, Target Link works ONE TIME only.
when I go back with the browser on the Cu3ox page, the target link no longer works...
Even if the cursor shows a hand, meaning click is possible. Some time, the cursor changes and appears as a normal arrow...

I've tried with valid url, of course.
Have you a patch to corrects these bugs ? Or have you an explanation if it was my own errors?

A: Notice, that links won't work in the local folder, you should test them after uploading page on the server.

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